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With Core + you get a DNA & Gut Biome Sample Kit
The app is available for purchase to pair with your Core + program. See more about the app here.
The report includes information related to any risks you may face, like obesity and inflammation’
We'll recommend diet & lifestyle changes to help ease any existing ailments that you may suffer from
You'll learn about your daily energy levels, and how to feel your best

Core +




You pay a one-time fee of $199 for Core +, which includes your dna kit, gut biome kit, and your health reports.
Check the box if you have 23andme results (save $50)
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Remove the Guesswork

from Eating & Exercise

Remove the Guesswork

from Eating & Exercise


We like to do things that we’re good at, and a study conducted by Lancashire University found that people who properly match endurance & power exercises to their genotype, increase their likelihood for significant improvement in that activity by over 20x.


A study conducted by Stanford University found that people lose 2.5x more weight when eating & exercising to their genetic strengths.


DNA tests reveal if an individual is carrying an FTO allele, the presence of which increases your risk of becoming obese by 30%.

What you get when you purchase Core+

You get the tools needed to live a healthier life

With Core + you’ll receive DNA & Gut Biome sample kits, and personalized health reports & recommendations.

1 DNA Kit
+ 1 Gut Biome Kit

DNA + Gut Biome Kits

We’ll ship you DNA & Gut Biome sample kits, which will be used to analyze your unique biology and as a scientific basis for developing personalized health reports & recommendations.

Food Tolerance

Food Tolerance Report

Eat with confidence. Find out if you are genetically predisposed to a "sweet tooth". Do you have gene variations that indicate lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity. Do your genes and gut biome increase caffeine related cardiac risk? Do gluten-free foods increase your obesity risk? Discover foods that your gut biome may not effectively metabolize. Include foods that will eliminate bloating, gas and other gut discomforts and provide the essential probiotics and pre-biotics for your unique gut microbiota. You will be able to search from 500,000 recipes, across local and international cuisines personalized to your palate, genes, gut, energy and weight metabolism to ensure you enjoy the fat burn.

Personalized Food

Personalized Food Recommendations

We analyze over half-million gene markers, gut bacteria and blood markers to determine the ideal ratio of grains, starches, saturated fats, omega fats, protein and plant nutrients your body needs to burn fat, build muscle, achieve and maintain ideal weight and stay free of chronic diseases.

Personalized Exercise

Personalized Exercise Regimen

3TandAi analyzes over 20 genes - e.g. LIPC, INSIG2, ACTN3, BDNF - associated with physical performance, including fatigue and motivation to exercise. We analyze gut bacteria that metabolizes key minerals and vitamins to support effective oxygen utilization and cellular energy metabolism. Our app tailors an exercise regimen to support your active lifestyle.

Vitamin Metabolism

Vitamin Metabolism Report

All fruits and vegetables are not created equal. Find vegetables, fruits, spices, and animal products that will enhance your immunity, antioxidant metabolism and boost energy. 3TandAI analyzes gene markers e.g MTFHR, TFR2, CASR and scientifically relevant gut bacteria to determine how effectively your body is assimilating 10 key vitamins and 5 essential minerals related to obesity, diabetes, energy and immunity.

Chemical Detox

Chemical Detox Report

Your body, with the help of its gut bacteria, breaks down problematic chemicals that are absorbed or consumed thru processed foods, pesticides, wearing synthetic garments, carpets, paint and chemicals used on golf courses and lawns and slowly build up. Unless detoxed, they lead to chronic diseases or sometimes catastrophic health issues. 3TandAI calibrates your body's detox effectiveness and recommends natural foods, products and spices that will optimize your Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification.


Wellderly Report

Over 45? Get your "Wellelderly" Profile. Know your genes associated with aging, vitality and frailty; Optimize you gut micro-biome composition to maintain high immunity, effective sleep, mental alertness, bone strength, skin tone, reduce risk of pre-mature aging and heart disease caused by chronic inflammation. Enjoy personalized exercise regimen for successful aging.


Digital Portal

The digital portal connects you to your self-paced health journey, which was developed by leading MDs to provide you practical advice and scientific explanation. It also allows you access to your health reports and to a personalized recipe finder and meal planner.

And, the app is included free

The app has several features that will help you lead a healthier life, including a self-paced health journey which was developed by leading MDs to provide you science-based practical advice. The app also has a meal planner, a personalized recipe finder and a lifestyle tracker where you will be able to monitor 10-key metrics, like stress, energy, and weight, to help you better understand how your lifestyle and diet choices effect your overall wellness.

Have a closer look at the app

A Life Changing Report

Once we’ve analyzed your DNA, gut biome, blood markers and lifestyle information, we'll send you a report, in which you’ll find diet and lifestyle recommendations, vitamin metabolism guidelines, food portion advice, pre-biotic and pro-biotic options, detox suggestions and caloric intake and exercise tips, written specifically for you. We’ll also take a look forward at your aging and vitality, and outline your risks for chronic ailments like inflammation and obesity, to help you to live a healthier, illness-free and energetic life.

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