The Study
    The study will last 16 weeks.
  • You will weigh yourself and measure your waist and hips 4 times (once every 4 weeks), using a tape measure we provide.
  • You will provide 2 stool samples (to analyze your gut microbiome) twice, once at the beginning of 16 weeks and once at the end.
  • You will visit a clinical laboratory twice (once at the beginning of 16 weeks and once at the end), to get your blood drawn and your cholesterol and blood sugar checked.
  • You will provide a saliva sample (to analyze your gene expression).
  • You will get personalized food and meal recommendations, along with access to recipes, grocery lists, and meal planners.
  • You will track everything you eat & drink, as well as how well you sleep and how much you exercise, using an app on your smartphone.

Free subscription to 3TandAi D-Feat(TM) service (Value: $399)

Who can participate?

To participate, you must be over 18, not pregnant or breastfeeding, not taking insulin supplements or sulfonylurea drugs, and demonstrate a number of risk factors for diabetes that we'll ask you about.

Interested in participating?
Thank you for your interest but the research study is currently full. Please see our product pages if you would like to purchase either Control, our Weight-Loss program or D-Feat, our Diabetes Prevention program.