Personalized Nutrition for Weight loss & Prevent or Reverse Diabetes
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Changing lives thru Personalized Nutrition.

Your 3 Trillion cells and 3 Trillion gut bacteria are Unique.

Discover them.

Eat & Exercise with confidence based on your Unique DNA, Gut Bacteria, Body Metrics, Blood Markers, Ayurveda Phenotype, taste and lifestyle.

We Analyze
Heart and Spice
Genes. Gut Biome. Metabolic Markers

Powered by Science

How it Works?

Step 1


Core Body Metrics

6 Blood Markers

Ayurveda Phenotype

Food & Lifestyle

Step 2


Saliva DNA Swab

Gut Kit Swab

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Step 3

Step 3


Step 4

Receive your Personalized Integrative Nutriton Report - PINRx. Know the 3Ts of your body

Thrive on PERSONALIZED food and lifestyle. Improve your health, reverse certain chronic diseases. Search through 500,000+ recipes that delight YOUR palate, your gut and your genes.

Science based Personalized Food & Lifestyle Solution.

3T&ME will analyze your gene markers (e.g. TCF7L2, PPARG,NOS3, APOa2), gut micro-biome, sugar and fat related blood markers (e.g. TGL, A1C, LDL) to determine your Carb, Fat and Protein Metabolism. We will recommend the ideal ratio of grains, starches, saturated fats, omega fats, protein and plant nutrients your body needs to achieve and maintain ideal health, prevent or reverse diabetes, build muscle, and stay free of chronic diseases.

Personalized Weight Management

You will be able to search from 500,000 recipes, across local and international cuisines personalized to your biology and palate to ensure you enjoy the fat burn. 3T&ME heuristics analyze 18 known obesity related gene markers e.g FTO, MC4R, GLUT2 and 8 clinically relevant obesity related gut bacteria taxa e.g Alistipes, Akkermansia ; your insulin and inflammation related markers to create your Obesity Predisposition Score and recommend an optimal food, exercise, detox (if needed) and sleep regimen.

Food Tolerance.

Eat with confidence. Find out if you have genetic markers that predispose you to lactose and gluten intolerance. Does your DNA and gut biome effectively support caffeine metabolism? Does caffeine increase your risk of cardiac health because you are a slow caffeine metabolizer? Find foods that provide the correct probiotics and pre-biotics for your unique gut microbiota and eliminate bloating, gas and other gut discomforts.

Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism

All fruits and vegetables are not created equal. Find the vegetables, fruits, spices, and animal products that will support and enhance your immunity, antioxidant metabolism, boost energy, protect you from chronic diseases, weak bones, risk of blindness and pre mature aging. 3T&ME analyzes 10 key vitamin and mineral metabolism related gene markers e.g MTFHR, TFR2, CASR and scientifically relevant gut bacteria to determine how effectively your body is assimilating 10 key vitamins and 5 essential minerals.

Vitality and Healthy Aging

Over 45? Get your "Wellelderly" Profile -Know your genes associated with aging and frailty; Optimize you gut micro-biome composition to maintain high immunity, effective sleep, mental alertness, bone strength, skin tone, reduce risk of pre-mature aging and heart disease caused by chronic inflammation. Enjoy personalized food and exercise regimen for successful aging.

Chemical Detox Metabolism

3T&ME calibrates your body's effectiveness and recommends natural foods, products and spices that will optimize your Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification. Your body, with the help of its gut bacteria, breaks down problematic chemicals that are absorbed or consumed thru processed foods, pesticides, wearing synthetic garments, carpets, paint and chemicals used on golf courses and lawns that slowly build up, unless detoxed, lead to chronic diseases or sometimes catastrophic health issues.

Curated Research and Personalized Recipes

Your metabolism and tastes are unique. Your food and lifestyle should be too. 3T&Me scientist panels mine thru research in medicine, genetics, gut biome, food sciences and physical exercise, categorize their interactions and curate them into an easy to use practical personalized nutrition framework. You can now eat and exercise with confidence and eliminate the hard work of determining what is good for me (or family members) using our AI based recipe finder that pulls chef designed recipes but only the ones that works for your metabolism.

Ideal Exercise Regimen

3T&ME recommends optimal exercise regimen and food - protein and micronutrients- to support your healthy, active lifestyle. We select from 200 genetic variants associated with physical performance including motivation to exercise. 3T&ME analyzes your gene markers like LIPC, INSIG2, ACTN3, BDNF to determine the optimal combination of Aerobic vs. Power based exercise and how effectively your body burns fat in response to exercise. You will find out how effectively your gut bacteria are metabolizing key minerals and vitamins that support effective oxygen utilization and cellular energy metabolism.

Your Nutritional Profile
Heart and Spice
Gut Biome
Heart and Spice
Heart and Spice
Metabolic Markers
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Wow!! Must have for Healthy living.

Amazing information..backed by serious science and loved the AI based Recipe Finder. Adopted 3T&ME food and exercise personalized guidelines.. Amazing results! I learnt that more than 10 almonds/nuts per day was an obesity risk for my biology. I assumed nuts are good for everyone!!. I have been frustrated in the past trying to lose weight on Atkins diet.. Thanks to 3T&ME I discovered high protein diet will not help me lose weight because of a gene variant my DNA has. Started following 3T&ME guidelines ... Lost 18 lbs in 9 weeks !!. I used to get random throbbing headaches. 3T&ME isolated caffeine as the culprit. My gut biome and genes are poor metabolizers of caffeine. Eliminated coffee and headaches DISAPPEARED!! Life changing and the future !! Like having an owners manual for my body> Chris Miskulin