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Her gut biome supports better insulin sensitivity with walnuts & artichokes.
His DNA indicates a genetic tendency to fatigue on a low folate diet.
Her DNA indicates a genetic tendency to require more of vitamins C, E and K.
Her DNA indicates a genetic tendency to lose weight on a plant based diet.
His gut biome improves antioxidant metabolism with resistant starch intake.

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“ I’m passionate about prescribing food rather than medication to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions. 3TandAi is a perfect resource. ”

Dr. Ron Sinha, MD

Medical director for corporate
wellness, author

Expert advisors & clinical partners

Dr. Rajesh Dash

Assistant professor cardiovascular medicine, Stanford Medical.

Dr. Sean Bourke, MD

Medical director, JumpstartMD (scientific medical weight loss).

Dr. Lutz Graumann


Prajakta Ranade

Certified diabetes educator, Stanford Health Care.

Ken Albala

Professor of history & chair of Master of Arts in Food Studies, University of the Pacific.

Akil Palanisamy, MD

Integrative medicine practitioner, author of “The Paleovedic Diet”.

Cesar Molina, MD FACC

El Camino Hospital. Medical director, South Asian Heart Center. President, Heart & Vascular Associates.

Fahim Abbasi, MD

Pre-diabetes specialist, Stanford Health Care. Clinical assistant professor, Stanford Medical.

Mima Geere, MD MS

Nutrition, medical director, Genova Diagnostics.

Richard Blossom

Founder, Hilltribe Organics. Founder, Perfect Earth Foods.

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been saying

"As a working professional in the field of peak performance and a competitive athlete, I am deeply invested in how to optimize my internal systems. Taking the guess work out of what I should be doing to fuel my body through real data is an incredible tool."

Emily Kwok
Core + customer

"I Learned so many new things about my body and nutrition, including what foods and habits to modify based on my genes to reverse my insulin resistance. I dropped my HbA1c to normal levels after 4 months."

Michael Cook
D-Feat customer

"A very comprehensive and informative tool. I started the year on a Keto diet and learnt from my personalized report that I can get better results from a Low carb diet. Now I enjoy more carbs, which helps my mood, and I got to my target BMI."

Matt K
Control customer

"The 3TandAi personalized report helped me and my nutritionist finally discover what was causing my acne and high sugar levels (it had to do with my body's ability to process omega fats and its poor metabolism of Vitamin D). I made the recommended changes and life is better!"

Rachna Kapor
Core+ customer

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