Your body. Your plan.

We analyze genes, blood markers, gut microbiome to recommend a personalized roadmap to prevent disease, increase energy and create a healthier you

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Eat and exercise with confidence. Take the guesswork out of wellness and empower yourself with digital tools and personalized meal plans based on your biology and lifestyle.


Start your unique weight loss journey based on your DNA, gut biome and lifestyle. The insane, anguishing cycle of yo-yo dieting ends today with the last plan you’ll ever need for safe, effective, and lasting weight loss. Why is this the last plan you’ll ever need?

D-Feat (TM) Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association states a “‘One-Size-Fits-All’ eating pattern for individuals with diabetes is ineffective...” Now, there is the possibility of preventing diabetes with a comprehensive genetic, gut biome, and digital coaching-based approach. Your body. Your plan.

How does it work?

  • 1. Order your kits

    and provide us your

    • core body metrics

    • 6 blood markers

    • Your current food & lifestyle

  • 2. Mail us back the kits

    with your samples

    • gut biome

    • DNA saliva

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  • 3. Our turn to do the work

    We will

    • Sequence your DNA

    • Analyze your gut bacteria and blood markers

    • Make personalized food, vitamin, prebiotic and exercise recommendations

  • 4. Take charge of your health

    Learn more about your unique biology and how food & exercise choice affects your health. You’ll have access to

    • 500,000+ recipes that are perfect for your palate, gut and genes.

    • Create customized meal plans and shopping list.

    • Track food, exercise, stress and sleep.

    • Prevent or reverse chronic diseases.

    • Partner with your MD, dietician and health coach

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Your privacy is a top priority to 3TandAI.

We recognize how important it is to keep your information secure and confidential.

Privacy matters for your information, and in particular your generic and health information. We will not share your individual-level information with any third party without your explicit consent.

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Already have your or results? Use code ‘Havedata’ at Checkout and save $50.



Already have your or results? Use code ‘Havedata’ at Checkout and save $50.

D-Feat (TM) Diabetes


Already have your or results? Use code ‘Havedata’ at Checkout and save $50.

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 How it works? 

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