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Take charge of your health
through Personalized Nutrition.

Eat and exercise with confidence, empowered by a wellness plan based on your own biology, taste, and lifestyle.

We Analyze
Heart and Spice
Genes. Microbes. Metabolism

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How it Works

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Core Body Metrics

6 Blood Markers

Ayurveda Phenotype

Food & Lifestyle

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DNA Saliva Kit

Gut Biome Kit

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Learn how your biology and food choice affects your health.
Browse 500,000+ recipes to delight your palate, gut and genes.
Thrive on PERSONALIZED plans to achieve your optimum weight.
Prevent or reverse chronic disease.

Science based Personalized Food Recommendations.

3T&AI has curated and analyzed hundreds of million of dollars of recognized and actionable research, conducted across academia and public labs, in obesity, diabetes, food, genetics, gut biome, stress, exercise, sleep, Ayurveda and harnessed them using advancements in AI and physician validation to give you the most effective Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Platform. We analyze over half-million gene markers, gut bacteria blood markers to determine the ideal ratio of grains, starches, saturated fats, omega fats, protein and plant nutrients your body needs to achieve and maintain ideal weight, prevent or reverse diabetes and stay free of chronic diseases.

Personalized Weight Management Solution

We start with analyzing your lifestyle, 49 obesity related genes e.g FTO, MC4R, GLUT2, 8 clinically relevant obesity related gut bacteria taxa, your insulin and inflammation related markers. We then tailor a food plan, exercise regimen, detox plan (if needed) and sleep regimen to deliver healthy and SUSTAINABLE weight loss trajectory focused on fat loss and muscle growth.

Digital Health Coach

Your 3TandAi online health coach provides personalized 1-1 guidance to help you understand your unique metabolism - answering questions, offering feedback, and providing support and accountability. You will also have access to 8 week, self-paced health coaching program, developed by leading MDs, providing practical advice and scientific explanation thru engaging animations.

Personalized Exercise Regimen

3TandAi tailors an exercise regimen to support your active lifestyle based on 20 genes - e.g. LIPC, INSIG2, ACTN3, BDNF - associated with physical performance including motivation to exercise and gut bacteria that metabolizes key minerals and vitamins to support effective oxygen utilization and cellular energy metabolism.

Food Tolerance Report.

Eat with confidence. Find out if you have genetic predisposition to lactose and gluten intolerance. Do your genes and gut biome increase caffeine related cardiac risk? Do Gluten-free foods increase your obesity risk? Discover foods that will eliminate bloating, gas and other gut discomforts and provide the essential probiotics and pre-biotics for your unique gut microbiota. You will be able to search from 500,000 recipes, across local and international cuisines personalized to your palate, genes, gut, energy and weight metabolism to ensure you enjoy the fat burn.

Your Vitamin Metabolism

All fruits and vegetables are not created equal. Find vegetables, fruits, spices, and animal products that will enhance your immunity, antioxidant metabolism and boost energy. 3TandAI analyzes gene markers e.g MTFHR, TFR2, CASR and scientifically relevant gut bacteria to determine how effectively your body is assimilating 10 key vitamins and 5 essential minerals related to obesity, diabetes, energy and immunity.

Your Aging Metabolism

Over 45? Get your "Wellelderly" Profile. Know your genes associated with aging, vitality and frailty; Optimize you gut micro-biome composition to maintain high immunity, effective sleep, mental alertness, bone strength, skin tone, reduce risk of pre-mature aging and heart disease caused by chronic inflammation. Enjoy personalized exercise regimen for successful aging.

Chemical Detox Metabolism

Your body, with the help of its gut bacteria, breaks down problematic chemicals that are absorbed or consumed thru processed foods, pesticides, wearing synthetic garments, carpets, paint and chemicals used on golf courses and lawns and slowly build up. Unless detoxed, they lead to chronic diseases or sometimes catastrophic health issues. 3TandAI calibrates your body's detox effectiveness and recommends natural foods, products and spices that will optimize your Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification.

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